Strategic Partner

Strategic Partner

Melis Technology developed strong partnerships with leading companies to build its solutions with the most powerful technologies components that bring you invaluable features and support services on all layers of the complete stack: Melis applications, Zend Framework, the Database, the application server "Zend Server" and the PHP language.

Zend Technologies, "the PHP company" is the first and most important one with an OEM contract that allows us to deliver Zend Server, the world’s leading PHP Web application server for running business-critical PHP applications, on-premise or in the cloud with our Melis Applications.

In this way you inherit invaluable features like continuous delivery, monitoring, code tracing, session clustering, audit trails etc. and their outstanding and unique support on Zend Server itself, Zend Framework and PHP. That partnership also brings the benefits of all Zend Technologies alliances with Oracle, Microsoft, Adobe, IBM, Amazon Web Services, Red Hat, Rightscale, vmware, Infobright and many others...

Strategic Partner List

With Melis Products inherit the best of their technologies

Zend Technologies - The PHP company

Zend Technologies

Zend "the PHP Company" is our most important strategic partner. Through our OEM and privileged agreement Zend brings critical components and services that allow you to run your most critical web applications with a high SLA commitments to your customers. Only Melis Technology provides you such a level of PHP professional tools and services to develop, run and maintain highly secure WCM (Web Content Management) and e-Commerce applications .

When PHP is known as the most agile, performant language to develop web applications (more than 50 % of the web applications are now developed in PHP) Zend Technologies provides you the ONLY ONE PHP Stack tested and maintained (with Long Term Support options), a highly secure and maintain PHP Framework with Zend Framework and more than 80 critical features to deploy, manage and maintain efficiently and securely a web applications on the Cloud of your choice or your own multi server configuration.